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Benefits of Using Artsugi

A wide variety of Art & Music courses geared for High School students

Some websites offer online courses geared towards high school students, but focus on "core subjects," and others offer art and music courses, but are geared towards adults. Artsugi combines the best of both these worlds: We focus exclusively on offering a wide variety of art and music courses (our specialty) geared specifically for younger learners.

Get students ready for College and Careers in the Arts

Artsugi works with industry professionals from various creative fields to create career-aligned art and music instruction. This means students get to learn the types of skills (and create portfolios) that they will need to apply to college programs and entry-level jobs in the creative sectors. Ask us how our courses are aligned with Career Education Technology (CTE) standards.

Mobile-Friendly courses: Learn anything, anytime, and anywhere

Artsugi courses are aligned with national instructional standards (NVAS or NMAS), so schools and art teachers can either use our online curriculum with students in a "blended," instructor-guided format for high school credit, or else parents and students can use our courses for fully online, independent learning. This means students can learn any artistic subject they want, at any time, anywhere.

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Below you will find a list of our most popular online course categories. Not sure where to start looking? Then try first searching for courses using the search bar at the top of this website. Still can't find what you are looking for? Please contact us to let us know. We are always here to help.


Art and Music Education Anytime and Anywhere

Why Learn with Artsugi?

As budget cuts continue to impact K-12 education programs in the United States, many students are finding themselves with increasingly limited art and music course options.

Such limited course options not only makes it difficult for students to feed their unique creative interests, but it also makes it challenging for students to prepare professional portfolios to use for college or careers. Artsugi works with industry professionals from the creative sectors to offer students a wide variety of art and music courses designed to prepare them for various college and career pathways.

Additionally, unlike online course providers that focus on adult learners, Artsugi's courses have been designed specifically with high school students in mind. All our courses are aligned with the National Visual Arts Standards (NVAS) or National Media Arts Standards (NMAS), as well as with Career Technology Education (CTE) standards for various states (*).

This means students could either take Artsugi courses as part of a high school program for credit, or else they can complete these courses on their own, outside of school. All Artsugi courses can be "blended" or else done completely online, which gives students the option to learn anytime and anywhere.

(*) If you need Artsugi courses to be adapted to the CTE standards in your specific state, please contact us. Additionally, if you are interested in certain courses that we currently do not offer, please contact us to let us know. We are always open to feedback!

For Parents/Students:


For Teachers/Schools:


*Each course subscription is good for one year.

*Discount for schools/teachers is contingent on a minimum purchase of 30 subscriptions.

Free Courses

In an effort to make our programs more accessible to students, every quarter Artsugi will make a select number of our courses available for free. You may access the full content of these courses at no cost for a limited time (3 months) before the free subscription expires. Note that free course enrollment is available to anyone, and you will not be charged anything after your free course enrollment expires.

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