Course Categories

1 Course

Fine Art & Photography

The Fine Art category includes 2D mediums like Photography, Drawing or Illustration, and Painting, and 3D mediums like...
3 Courses

Music & Dance

The Music category includes Instruments (guitar, piano, etc.), Songwriting, Singing, and Dance, as well as introductory ...
1 Course

Film & Drama

The Film category includes Audio & Visual (AV) elements, such as Videography, Lighting, Sound Design, and Editing, as...
1 Course

Graphic Design & Technology

The Design category includes Graphic Design, Web Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Cosmetology, and the Culinary ...
1 Course

Literature & Journalism

The Literature category includes Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Technical Writing, Copywriting, Journalism, and certain...
1 Course

Animation & Games

This expansive category incorporates all the elements of both Animation and Game Design, such as Storyboarding,...
1 Course

Culinary Arts

This category contains courses in the Culinary Arts, including cooking, baking, and more.
1 Course

Business & Freelancing

The Business & Theory category contains courses for those interested in the business-side of the arts, such...
1 Course

Art & Music History

The History & Education category contains courses in the "Humanities" domain of the arts, including various Art and...
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